• dollarSaves You Money in The Long Run

    The USB Lighter is rechargeable in any USB plug and doesn’t even require a cable. You won’t have to buy a new lighter or lighter accesories such as lighter fluid, butane, flint or new wicks like conventional lighters & zippos.

  • cloud   You Can Use It In Any Weather 

    The flameless design ensures you’ll never have a flame blown out by windy weather again. Also, during rainy and wet weather you will no longer be disapointed by a wet flint that won’t spark. This is great for people who love the outdoors.

  • heart   It’s Better For Your Health 

    You’ll stop inhaling the remaining toxins from convetional lighters, which are usually ignited by butane, benzene, butane, hexamine, propane, naphta and lacolene. All cause serious health issues when ingested. Plus whatever you’re smoking will taste better!

  • environmentIts Great For The Environment  

    This lighter eliminates a lot of waste that comes along with conventional lighters, such as empty casings and containers for fuel. Every year 1.5 Billion conventional lighters end up in the landfill! And those which don’t end up in landfills get scattered across the ocean.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so confident in our product that we offer a money back policy. In the unlikely case that our product doesn’t suit your needs or breaks, all you have to do is send the product back to us and we’ll be happy to refund it 100%. You have our word that we will make things right! Just handle shipping fees and mail it back to sender address and we’ll be happy to refund it for you! No questions asked! For more detailed instructions please email us at

please note again that return shipping costs are paid by the returnee, original packaging is required in order for us to replace your product.

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Testimonial 1” By far one of the coolest lighters I’ve bought, the design is very unique and whenever I use it in public people always ask to have a look at it. ” Tyler from Phoenix, AZ.


Testimonial 3” This lighter is great for my job, as a ski instructor it gets really windy outside during smoke breaks.  It works well with the cold breeze even with my gloves on, I love it! ” Roneil from Vancouver, BC.


Testimonial 4” I bought two of these, one as a gift and one for myself. I haven’t purchased another lighter since! I only need to recharge it every 4-5 days, they are so easy to charge too. Highly recommend it! ” Yasmin from Denver, CO.


Testimonial 5” I’ve been using this lighter for over a month, feels good knowing it won’t poof out on me in bad weather. Not using a flame took a while to get used to, but I think the benefits were well worth it!” Edison from Seattle, WA.